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Our communications and employee engagement programs engage a broader audience, spark effective action, increase the visibility of your successes and raise your profile as a green leader.




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We work with companies, universities and nonprofits that want to increase the impact of their sustainability programs.

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Green JumpStart

Our Green JumpStart will help you energize your marketing and communications efforts. It will deliver specific strategies to raise awareness about your green program or product and increase engagement.  Click HERE to learn more.

Green Content

Our Green Content Package creates original, compelling, values-based sustainability content that brings your current success stories alive to both employees and key external outlets.  We produce success stories, CSR reports, white papers, videos, sustainability Website hubs, and green champion tool kits.  Click HERE to learn more about our other Green Communication offerings.

CorpGREEN Employee Engagement

CorpGREEN empowers green champions to easily engage peers and launch new green campaigns.  More than just greening your office, our customized program creates a greener, leaner culture that sparks employee action and delivers cost savings.  Click HERE to learn more.

Green ReConnect

Green ReConnect is an interactive program to broaden support for green initiatives and enhance the leadership capacity of green champions.  Incorporating time in nature, dialogue, movement, and/or creativity, we customize a 2-hour to 2-day experience that reconnects participants to the wisdom of nature and sparks new, creative solutions to tough challenges.  Click HERE to learn more.

Spark Support for New Initiatives

Green Impact helped ecoAmerica increase awareness of best practices for engaging the faith-based community in climate change (see Blessed Tomorrow).

Raise Your Profile as a Green Leader

We helped create success stories and original content for  University of California, San Francisco’s sustainability program, raising their profile and helping them to win multiple awards.

Revitalize Your Program

We revitalized the sustainability employee engagement program for the County of Ventura by creating a new sustainability hub, video, and employee engagement tool.


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Expand the circle of support for land conservation and ReConnect people to the land

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