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About Us:

Green Impact works with companies, universities, and nonprofits that want to increase the impact of their green programs. Our Communications + Employee Engagement solutions engage a broader audience, spark effective action, increase the visibility of your successes and raise your profile as a green leader. Our clients often have green successes, but nobody knows about them; want to promote best practices or launch a new program, but lack the staff to execute; have a lifeless, uninspiring Website and no green brand; or are struggling to translate complex environmental issues into clear and engaging communications.

Problems We Solve

You might be an ideal client if:

You have a new sustainability program, but lack a strategic communications and engagement strategy;

You have sustainability successes, but nobody knows about them;

You are ready to write your first CSR report, but are confused by the various formats and reporting schemes;

You are struggling to align employee actions with a new sustainability goal; or

You want to increase visibility of your successes, best practices or sustainability solutions.