One of my favorite low-cost, yet effective activities is to ask employees a values-based question. A values-based question allows you to engage employees to think about why environmental stewardship matters to them.  From this increased awareness of what really matters, greener actions aligned from these values can be more easily encouraged.

Suggested Steps:

  1. Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.25.32 PMUse this Ask a Good Question Worksheet to identify an engaging question that will get your target audience talking about why they care about the Earth. Build off your core brand values. Click HERE to download a template, with the question, “I take a stand for the Earth when I…”
  1. Get the word out about the Green Challenge. To increase participation, consider a friendly competition among departments to see which can get the higher participation rate.
  1. Set the time period for the challenge—it can be over one day at a specific event or over a longer period (a week or a month).
  1. Create a Green Challenge wall in the break room or other central location and post the cards on the wall. Get creative in how you display them. Or take pictures of participants with their card and post on social media.

Logistics to Consider:

  • How to promote the Green Challenge/Question.
  • How long to hold for—during an existing event/meeting or over one week/month?
  • How to create a friendly competition to spur activity:
  • Where to post answers:
  • How to recognize winners if a contest. Prizes?


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