The more you get away from the stresses of daily life and the more time you spend outdoors, the greater your level of creativity. While you might not have time to hit the trails for a four-day backpacking adventure, try this one-hour nature-based “Sustainability Score” with your core group to spark new insights.  Once you find a suitable outdoor location, each participant follows this simple guidance:

  1. Altar1Intention:  Clarify what issue, question, or theme you want to explore.  You can stay very broad, with a theme around how you can more deeply embed sustainability into your business or how you can take a stand for sustainability personally (5 minutes).
  2. Contact:  Find a quiet area outside that calls to you (5-minutes).
  3. Connect:  Connect to this spot using your senses.  Incorporate touch, sounds, and smell into your exploration. (10 minutes).
  4. Create:  Create a small, circular mandala on the ground using the materials around you.  Leaves, pine cones, stone, sticks, and dirt are all part of your palette. Have fun with the process.  Be playful. Don’t over think it. Give your creation a title (15 minutes).
  5. Share:  Find a partner and share your mandala, title, and insights from the process. End by sharing how you can bring the insights from this experience into your work (15 minutes).
  6. Dialogue:  Spend the final minutes concluding with a group reflection (10 minutes).

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