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Make Green Happen: 6 Ways to Empower Your Employees & Make Your Commitment to Sustainability Visible

Authentic engagement of employees in sustainability delivers real value, including an increase in innovative ideas, cost savings and attracting and retaining the best talent. At a recent talk at Harvard, sustainability author and strategist Andrew Winston estimated...

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Engage Green Champions: Ask a Good Question

One of my favorite low-cost, yet effective, activities is to ask employees a values-based question. A values-based question allows you to engage employees to think about why environmental stewardship matters to them. From this increased awareness of what really matters, greener actions aligned from these values can be more easily encouraged.

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Can Time Outdoors Save Lives?

"Had I not started climbing," explained Stacey Bare, Director of Sierra Club Outdoors, "I'm pretty confident I wouldn't be here." Upon returning from his military service in Iraq, The North Face ambassador struggled to find purpose. In the video below, Stacy shares...

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About Green Impact

Green Impact is a sustainability strategy and communications consultancy that helps companies, universities, land conservation organizations and NGOs transform green intentions into action. We make green happen by guiding organizations to build a brand and culture rooted in sustainability.
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