On February 2nd GreenBiz.com held a sold out forum in San Francisco to report on their latest research on where we stand on key green indicators.    Unfortunately, the bad news seems to outweigh the good news.  But maybe I have been doing this work for too long and am impatient to see more results.    They raise the question, “are we moving far enough, fast enough?”.  While we are making some progress on issues such as paper recycling and energy efficiency, we are “sinking” on issues such as carbon intensity and e-waste.  Given the hail storm that hit the coast of Marin County today as I walking, makes me ponder what is to come on the climate front.

And while I liked the sentiment behind not printing the report for 500 people, they did give out hundreds of data sticks with the report on it when you can easily download it online.  And e-waste is one of those issues we are losing ground on.  And don’t get me started on the 500 cute brown paper lunch bags that our lunches came in.  Does anyone else notice these things?  I imagine in the grand scene of the environmental mess, it is a small thing.  But I wish we could all do a better job of setting an example for walking the talk and going the extra effort to green our events as much as possible.  Kuddos for the fact that the lunches were served in plastic that could be composted, but I found the labeling on the compost bins lacking.  OK, done with the rant.  Promise.

You can check out the complete report here.

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