Tell Your Story with



  • Infographics
  • Posters
  • Strategic Messaging

Green Impact can help you
organize your data, refine your strategic messaging, and create compelling infographics that keep your message visible and relevant in these uncertain times. Strategic messaging and data visualization is a key benefit that our clients value with our infographics. 


Our Process

  • ASSESSMENT:  We start with a holistic assessment of your data, trends, and communications materials. Our holistic approach looks both externally (how are you engaging your customers and stakeholders) as well as how you are engaging your employees. Identify your biggest achievements and most material issues.
  • REFINE TARGET AUDIENCE: Refine your target audience and what they care about right now.
  • MESSAGING REFRESH: Craft values-based messaging and talking points to guide communications for the key internal and external audiences. 
  • INFOGRAPHIC: Design an attention-getting infographic that keeps your message visible and relevant.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Create supporting social media images that visually communicate your key messages. 
  • VIRTUAL PRESENTATION: If you have a virtual presentation coming up, we can also create a supporting PowerPoint deck that incorporates powerful imagery and infographics.

Results We Deliver

  • Keep your message visible and relevant
  • See key trends in your data
  • Clarify your most material issues
  • Updated messaging that aligns with your brand, taps into values, and takes into account our current “now normal”
  • Engage employees, stakeholders, and suppliers