Engaging Employees can help you Reach Your Goals, Save $, and Attract the Best Talent

Is Your Commitment to Sustainability Visible & Tangible?

Our CorpGREEN package is ideal for companies and organizations who realize that to meet their sustainability goals will require more than simply greening operations–it requires addressing social responsibility, as well as making your sustainability program more tangible and visible by engaging employees.  Our CorpGREEN program delivers:   We have designed and implemented engagement programs for Mattel, University of San Francisco, and UCSF.

RESULTS WE DELIVER:  A greener culture, happier, healthier, more innovative employees,  progress toward meeting sustainability goals, cost savings  and greater impact.

WHAT YOU GET (see details below):  Engagement Plan, website content, six customized success stories, quarterly sustainability activities, engagement workshop for green champions, internal and external promotion.

OUR PROCESS:  We start by creating a practical Engagement Plan that identifies the key opportunities for you to bring sustainability alive to your employees. From this plan, we execute a year of activities, success stories, collateral, workshops, and social media promotion. If desired, we have an online tool that empowers green champions to easily engage peers and launch and scale new green campaigns with just a few clicks.   Learn more HERE.

FREE Green Paper on Communications & Engagement Best Practices


  • Engagement Strategy
  • Intranet and Website content
  • Success stories and collateral
  • Monthly sustainability activities
  • Short sustainability videos
  • CorpGREEN:  An online tool that empowers green champions to easily engage peers and launch and scale new green campaigns with just a few clicks.   Learn more HERE.



  • EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PLAN:  We start with an Employee Engagement Plan that identifies your goals, target locations, strategies, resources and activities to highlight.
  • THREE GREEN CHAMPION STORIES:  Based on personal conversations with the identified green champions, we craft a compelling story that highlights the champions, best practices that can be scaled at other locations and lessons learned.
  • PROMOTION:   Support the promotion and marketing of the success stories to internal and external channels.

Results we DeliverScreen Shot 2016-03-05 at 10.24.33 AM

Our employee engagement programs and Web-based tool:

  • Reduce wasted energy, water, and paper use, translating into real cost savings.
  • Increase adoption of green practices.
  • Make sustainability more visible and actionable across multiple locations.
  • Align employee actions to support your goals.
  • Attract and retain the best talent.


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How we Work

We create a customized engagement strategy and program for you.  Our services can includes the following components:


  • Discovery:  We review all your existing programs and engagement materials to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and key opportunities.
  • Strategy and Action Plan:   A customized Strategy and Action Plan is developed that summarizes your goals, target audiences, key communication channels, identifies your strengths, weaknesses, and key opportunities, and recommends short-term and long-term strategies.
  • Green Brand:  If desired, Green Impact’s creative team can design a fresh green brand to promote sustainability internally.
  • Content Creation:  We will interview green champions, flushing out your success stories and identifying best practices that can be promoted.  Depending on your campaign goals, we can also create a fresh brand, green messaging, posters, and other campaign collateral.  We can also create a new sustainability engagement Website or video.
  • CorpGreen Engagement Tool:  Our Web-based engagement tool can be integrate directly into your existing Website.  It is totally customizable and lives on your server–no monthly fees.  Pay once and you can continue to refine and customize the tool for years to come.
  • Green Campaign Launch:  Want to get recycling off the ground?  Or perhaps you want to engage employees to reduce energy use.  Green Impact can help design and launch new green campaigns that make a real impact.

Deborah pulled together an all star team to help us launch our first sustainability Website and employee engagement program, including an award-winning video and Web-based engagement tool. Our video won two Bronze Telly Awards in the employee communications and environmental categories thanks to her creativity, strategic thinking and strong writing and project management skills.

Alejandra Tellez

Program Administrator, County of Ventura

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