GREEN ReConnect

deb1 Altar1GREEN ReConnect is an interactive program to broaden support for green initiatives and enhance the leadership capacity of green champions.  Incorporating time in nature, dialogue, movement, and/or creativity, we customize a 2-hour to 2-day experience that reconnects participants to the wisdom of nature and sparks new, creative solutions to tough challenges.

So often our green conferences and sustainability programs lack anything related to our connection to nature.  The limits of natural systems might be discussed, but no time is spent in nature, connecting viscerally to why we are champions of change.

GREEN ReConnect is for  the producers of sustainability events, sustainability directors, and land conservation organizations who want to nurture more authentic and inspired leaders.


  • Altar3Increase employee engagement toward reaching your goals
  • Inspire action
  • Enhance leadership of green champions
  • Spark more energy and support for green initiatives
  • Support decisions aligned with core values


The  GREEN ReConnect Program  includes:

  • Design and execute a customized GREEN ReConnect workshop that meets the time and space available.  Depending on the final theme and goals, the program will weave together green team best practices, earth-based wisdom, movement, and/or art to create a customized interactive experience.  Project partners include:  Go Wild Institute, Wild Wisdom Leadership, and Earthbody Alive.
  • Pre-event marketing support.
  • Facilitation of the workshop.
  • Integration into your broader program, including three follow-up conference calls.

Call Deborah at 415-302-2655 to discuss in more detail how we can ReConnect your staff or group.


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