Haas School of Business, Center for Responsible Business
Promoted the CRB’s 10-year anniversary event, resulting in record attendance. Oversaw social media outreach, refreshing the brand, creation of e-mail banners, video production and development of a series of blog posts.  Recently supported the marketing and communications efforts of its first crowdfunding campaign, raising over $100,000.

County of Ventura
Worked with the County to develop and implement a new sustainability engagement program. Created a new brand and logo, developed new content for the Web site and produced a sustainability video to raise awareness of the County’s green efforts and inspire action.

University of California, San Francisco
Provided input into the design and branding of UCSF’s new sustainability website. Creating original content for the site, focusing on a range of best practices including green procurement, climate change, recycling, composting, waste reduction and sustainable food. Wrote and directed UCSF’s new sustainability video.

Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)
Wrote and designed the 2009 and 2010 Annual Report for BSCI, a business collaborative focused on social compliance in the global supply chain.
Researched and wrote a white paper, in collaboration with, highlighting the 10 best practices for green teams. Interviewed leaders from a range of companies, including eBay, Yahoo! and Intel. Occasional guest blogger for

Worked with staff and the board to review LandPaths’ accomplishments over the past ten years. Developed a marketing piece that highlighted their strengths and future vision to support fundraising efforts.

Habitat and Wetlands Working Group
Managed and co-facilitated a cross-sector stakeholder group focused on habitat and wetland protection issues in California. Researched and wrote a consensus-based document that details the economic benefits of habitat protection (see Habitat and Prosperity).

Sonoma Land Trust
Wrote successful funding proposals to the Wildlife Conservation Board and The Moore Foundation for $16 million to support a large 2,300-acre land acquisition and wetland restoration project.

Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano
Conducted research, writing and fundraising activities for Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano, a regional NGO based in Ecuador.

Sustainability Strategy

In partnership with Bonnie Nixon, worked with Plantronics to develop their global citizenship strategy. Evaluated opportunities across the value chain, from material selection to manufacturing to marketing to end-of-life.

Marin Community Foundation
Took the lead researching and writing a short issues brief, highlighting key environmental issues of interest in Marin, with the goal of educating and inspiring potential donors. Developed a final funding strategy for the Earth Day Every Day Fund that resulted in the creation of a new school-based carbon reduction campaign called Curb Your Carbon. Oversaw the development of the program, including branding, development of a web site and content and project management, resulting in the program being launched in 24 Marin schools, cancelling over 700 cars’ worth of emissions.

Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA)
Lead researcher/writer on Sustainable Consumption and Production: Strategies for Accelerating Positive Change, a report for grantmakers. Interviewed over 40 stakeholders and developed a funding strategy to accelerate change toward a sustainable future.

National Audubon
Worked with key stakeholders to develop a strategy for acquisition of key wetland properties in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Interviewed key stakeholders to identify the key issues and concerns associated with wetland mitigation.

Climate Protection Campaign
Developed a strategy for a Bay Area climate change conference with a focus on inspiring leaders to take action.

Bay Area Ridge Trail Council
Developed a private landowner outreach and acquisition strategy that outlines suggestions for gaining public access across private lands for Ridge Trail.

Sonoma Land Trust
Developed a land acquisition strategy and supported staff with the acquisition and restoration of two large conservation properties adjacent to the San Pablo Bay.

Natural Capital Institute
Assisted in the development of a format and structure for the Institute’s new Wiser Earth database of organizations worldwide working on sustainability.

Program Development

Supported EcoAmerica develop the multi-sector network structure for MomentUs, a new strategic organizing and communications initiative designed to build a game-changing increase in support for climate change solutions.

Institute at the Golden Gate
A key player in the design and launch of the Institute at the Golden Gate–a public-private partnership between the Golden Gate National Parks Service, the National Parks Service and Cavallo Point, a new green hotel and conference facility. Developed the framework for the initial programs, with an emphasis on cross-sector dialogue, and grew successful partnerships with The Aspen Institute, Conservation International and the National Park Service leadership development program. Supported Cavallo Point’s LEED certification process.

Sonoma Land Trust
Assisted with the successful completion of the Sonoma Baylands Bay Trail. Developed the Trail Plan, obtained a California Public Utilities Commission permit to allow hikers to cross the rail road track to reach the trail, and developed the overall theme and content for the interpretive signage.

California Environmental Dialogue (CED)
Designed and implemented a stakeholder dialogue that brought corporate leaders from Bank of America, Disney, Arco, Chevron, Hewlett Packard and PG&E together with governmental and NGO leaders to develop and implement new initiatives.

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