ecoAmerica MomentUS Initiative


  • Launching new cross-sector  program, but lacked the internal staff capacity to create success stories.


  • Supported EcoAmerica write the initial grant proposal to launch MomentUS. Focused on the portion of the grant on how a cross-sector network would be created to build a critical mass of public demand and institutional support for climate solutions.
  • Wrote original content, creating a series of success stories that highlight best practices  (see Blessed Tomorrow).


  • EcoAmerica successfully raised $2.5 million from the MacArthur Foundation to launch MomentUS.
  • Supported launch of the faith-based sector network, creating a series of original success stories for the new Website Blessed Tomorrow.

Green Impact supported ecoAmerica launch its MomentUS program, crafting the initial structure for our cross-sector partnerships and writing success stories that highlight best practices for engaging Americans in climate change.

Bob Perkowitz

President, ecoAmerica

Work Products:

Success story for Blessed Tomorrow.

Success story for Blessed Tomorrow.