Trust for Public Land

Support the Trust for Public Land as a contract grant writer with a focus on large, complex grants for land acquisition, restoration, and urban greening projects in California. Work closely with the project managers to translate the project concept into a concrete work plan with clear deliverables and a narrative that brings the project to life. To-date, Green Impact has helped TPL to raise $5.5 million from a range of state programs, including River Parkways, Rivers and Mountains Conservancy (RMC) Prop. 1, California State Coastal Conservancy Prop. 1, and Urban Rivers Prop. 1.

Haas School of Business, Center for Responsible Business

Managed the Center’s first successful crowdfunding campaign, raising over $250,000 for the Haas SRI Fund. Crafted an outreach strategy that engaged current students, faculty, and alumni; used video, blog posts, social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook), and email to drive traffic to crowdfunding website. Reached out to strategic media contacts to get coverage in The Guardian and See Crowdfunding: Six Tips for Making Your First Campaign a Success.


Supported EcoAmerica write the initial grant proposal to launch MomentUS, which successfully raised $2.5 million from the MacArthur Foundation. Focused on the portion of the grant on how a cross-sector network would be created to build a critical mass of public demand and institutional support for climate solutions.

Sonoma Land Trust

Supported the Sonoma Land Trust raise millions of dollars to support critical ecosystem acquisition projects. Wrote successful funding proposals to the Wildlife Conservation Board and The Moore Foundation for $16 million to support a 2,300-acre land acquisition and wetland restoration project at Sonoma Baylands. Also helped write a successful grant proposal to the Moore Foundation for the acquisition of Bohemia Ranch.

Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano

Conducted research, writing, and fundraising activities for Fundacion Futuro Latinoamericano, a regional NGO based in Ecuador.

Blue Planet Run Foundation

Researched and identified target foundations that support international water development projects.

California Environmental Dialogue

Played a critical role in the design and implementation of a successful stakeholder dialogue that brings corporate leaders, from businesses such as Bank of America, Disney, Chevron, Hewlett Packard and PG&E, together with governmental and NGO leaders to develop new initiatives related to transportation, air quality, and habitat protection in California. Translated the concept into a concrete work plan and crafted grants that raised $350,000 from the Hewlett, Packard, and Compton Foundations to support operating expenses.


Deborah has successfully supported TPL's California program as a contract grantwriter, helping us to raise $2.5 million for green infrastructure projects. She collaborates directly with our project managers to craft a customized narrative that brings a project concept to life.

Eva Kuczynski

Senior Public Grants Program Manager, Trust for Public Land