• Mattel has a corporate commitment to creating a culture of sustainable development, but many employees were not aware of the policy nor engaged. Staff did not have the capacity to manage an employee engagement program.


  • Mattel brought in Green Impact to design and execute an annual employee engagement campaign, targeted at the corporate headquarters, over 16 American Girl stores, and global manufacturing locations.
  • Created customized themes and messaging for the program each year, oversaw the design and messaging of collateral (posters and videos), and managed monthly calls with the green team.
  • Created corporate Website success stories, green champion highlights, and promotion of best practices.
  • Designed and launched a series of activities for Earth Month:  theme/messaging, activity guidelines, and prizes.
  • Worked closely with Jaxzyn to translate the Earth Month Super Hero concept and messaging into posters and videos (see examples to right).


  • Increased engagement at American Girl stores.
  • Made sustainability commitment more visible at American Girl stores and corporate.
  • Increased awareness of Mattel’s sustainability commitment and successes at corporate.
  • Promoted best practices across corporate, service centers, and manufacturing facilities.
  • Jump started green initiatives, such as composting and other waste reduction programs.