Today, the smartest companies are saving money and driving innovation by integrating sustainability.

Is your company positioned to capture the benefits of going green?

Potential benefits include expanded market share by product differentiation, enhanced brand value, reduced risk, smaller environmental footprint and cost savings.

For Companies Just Getting Started

For companies just getting started going green, Green Impact has developed the Sustainability Roadmap Assessment, a ten-week program that will provide you a basic snapshot of where you currently stand, a deeper understanding of the environmental challenges and opportunities for your business, an initial set of recommended strategies and a prioritized action plan . Get started now and get your green strategy up and running.

Our Sustainability Roadmap Assessment is perfect for companies feeling pressure from key customers to be more transparent about their environmental performance, but lack the in-house expertise to design and launch a green strategy. They want to get started, but don’t have the financial resources to make a big investment.

Sustainability Roadmap Assessment

Based on a half-day cross-function meeting of key managers, interviews with employees, internet research to benchmark competitors best practices and interviews with 12 stakeholders, the Sustainability Roadmap Assessment covers three key strategic areas and delivers the following:

  • Green Assessment:  The obvious place to begin is to better understand your current footprint across your value chain and identify your most pressing environmental issues. We will identify emerging business risks and opportunities and help you prioritize potential investments. The assessment will include benchmarking industry peer best practices and interviewing thought leaders from NGOs, customers, suppliers, investors and impacted communities to provide a snapshot of what external stakeholders think about your company and the key issues to have on your radar screen.

  • Sustainability Strategy: The next step is to set a strategic direction and gain consensus on the priority areas for action. We will work closely with your team to identify the most strategic programs to begin with that will deliver environmental benefits, bolster your brand and deliver cost savings. The Sustainability Strategy will include a prioritized list of the top program elements to consider and a recommended implementation framework.

  • Prioritized Action Plan:  The final step in the first phase is to develop a high-level Prioritized Action Plan with recommended short-term goals, tasks, role and responsibilites and a timeline. Key areas to focus on initially might include facilities, fleets, IT, packaging or waste. A great place to start integrating sustainability is to engage your employees.  The Action Plan includes recommendations for how to begin educating your employees and shifting your culture to promote innovative and cost-saving strategies. Once you have an action plan, you are ready to move into program development and implementation.

Please call Deborah Fleischer at 415-302-2655 to discuss how a green assessment can get your company on the path to accelerating sustainability.

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