metricsDeloitte, the firm originally known for its accounting and audit services, has begun to integrate sustainability into its core business functions, including strategy, consulting and tax services. It also recently launched the Center for Sustainability Performance (CSP) to provide on-site client training, research and development, with a focus on corporate sustainability measurement and reporting.

The CSP just announced a new training, Sustainability Measurement and Reporting: Tools, Methods, and Metrics, a two-day workshop on January 14, 2010 in Waltham, MA, led by Mark W. McElroy, director of research at Deloitte’s CSP.

Deloitte has coined the term Sustainability Management” (SM) as a new and credible management function that is here to stay. And as we know, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

The goal of the workshop is to help make sense of the range of tools, methods, and metrics currently available for measuring and reporting sustainability, as well as new solutions just over the horizon.

REGISTER BY JAN. 7th for a discounted price of $1,195 (save $600).

McElroy explained that, “Participants will leave with a broad range of valuable frameworks and analytical tools that can be used to make sense of current and/or emerging sustainability standards, methods, tools and metrics for immediate or prospective use in their own organizations. The scope of this course is global and non-proprietary and will cover all leading, existing and mainstream tools, methods and metrics in the field of corporate sustainability management, regardless of their source, as we see them.”

Who Should Attend?

Anyone responsible for measuring and/or reporting corporate sustainability performance might find this program informative. The target audience includes corporate responsibility and sustainability management executives at all levels, as well as professionals with sustainability-related responsibilities in environment, health and safety (EH&S), finance, energy, facilities, marketing, communications and public relations.

What Will be Covered?

“We will be covering tools, methods and metrics across all dimensions of corporate social responsibility and sustainability performance, including carbon, water, solid waste, social impacts, triple bottom line and non-financial measurement and reporting in general, both from an enterprise and product life cycle perspective,” explained McElroy.

On the reporting end of things, the workshop will cover mainstream tools and methods such as the Global Reporting Initiative, as well as narrower and more rigorous tools and methods such as the Ecological and Social Footprint Methods. Also included will be discussion of sustainability scorecards, standards, certifications, emerging labeling schemes and the rapidly developing field of sustainability measurement and reporting software tools and products.

The workshop will also address the issue of which indicators to track, both from a standards and a stakeholder perspective. McElroy emphasized that, “In particular, it will discuss the manner in which indicators can be tied to stakeholder groups to whom organizations owe specific non-financial duties or obligations, in ways that have impact on sustainability measurement, management and reporting.”

You can check out a detailed agenda here and registration information here. The price tag for the workshop is a little steep, $1,795/person, but if you can train in-house staff on these issues, you might save yourself consulting fees in the long run.


Deborah Fleischer is president of Green Impact, a strategic environmental consulting practice that helps companies engage employees, strengthen their relationships with stakeholders, develop profitable green initiatives and communicate their successes and challenges. She brings deep expertise in sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement, program development and written communications. You can follow her occasional tweet @GreenImpact

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