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CorpGREEN Employee Engagement Tool 

Spark Employee Action.  Deliver Cost Savings.

Are your employees thinking and acting in a manner that supports your sustainability goals? 

Green Impact’s Web-based employee engagement tool, CorpGREEN, empowers green champions to launch new green campaigns.  More than greening the office, you are creating a greener, leaner culture that sparks employee action and delivers cost savings.

Highlights of the tool include:


  • dashEmpowers green champions:  A flexible tool that is easy to customize, empowering your green champions to launch and scale new green campaigns with customized emails and branded posters.  With a few clicks, anyone in the organization can launch a new campaign and invite others to participate.
  • Great for multiple locations:  When you have many diverse groups across different regions of the world, they are interested in different issues.  The tool makes it easy for different offices or Departments to customize new campaigns, yet also keep your overall program aligned with key themes
  • Lives on your server:  No ongoing subscription fees—lives on your server.

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Results we Deliver

  • Increased visibility

  • New supporters

  • More engaged employees

  • Cost savings

  • More innovation and creativity


How we Work

We don't have a cookie-cutter approach.  Based on our assessment of your needs, we will work closely with you to customize a strategy and deliverables.  For example, for the launch of the University of San Francisco's Office of Sustainability, we created a fresh message and brand; executed an Earth Day launch activity; produced website content and two videos; design and wrote a sustainability brochure; and crafted a series of success stories.


unplugitDeborah pulled together an all star team to help us launch our first sustainability Website and employee engagement program, including an award-winning video and Web-based engagement tool. Our video won two Bronze Telly Awards in the employee communications and environmental categories thanks to her creativity, strategic thinking and strong writing and project management skills.

Alejandra Tellez

Program Administrator, County of Ventura

Six Ways to Empower Green Champions

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