Four Elements of Transformation:
Crisis, leadership, creative vision & collaboration

A few thoughts to consider as we all think about the changes we want to make in 2009 and beyond. I know that change is easier said than done and hope these ideas might spark some great changes for you and your work.

Talk is cheap when it comes to change. Be it on the personal level or at work, it can be easier said than done to successfully implement change that leads to the results we hoped for.

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Below I suggest four elements that can support us in creating the changes we seek.

Crisis: Often in our lives and at work, we don’t take action until a crisis shakes us up. As we all are feeling, we have the heat of crisis to motivate us to change and take new actions on multiple levels, from the environmental crisis to the economic one.

Enough said. Crisis provides the heat we need to motivate change.

But change requires us to take new actions. But we don’t want to take
action for action sake–its about taking action from a new, inspired
place in collaboration with strategic partners.

Wise Leadership: While we now have an inspirational leader at the National level, it time for all of us to step up and engage more fully in our communities and at work. Personally, I think it is about having the courage to step into the unknown, increase our willingness to make mistakes and strategically move our organizations and communities into a zone where creative solutions can emerge. Two great resources for building your leadership capacity:

Leadership on the Line: Leadership tips on how to strategically lead change.
Rockwood Leadership Program: A great training in organizational leadership.

Creative Vision: Despite the urge to move into action immediately, now is a great time to slow down and refine our vision. If anything is possible, where do we want to go?

In addition to my consulting practice, I am an artist. When I sit in front of a blank canvass, if I plan it and think about it, the end result tends to be less than inspiring. When I am willing to wait for an authentic impulse and follow it, even if it makes no sense, as I place color and shape freely, the end result often surprises and delights.

Consider a bold, creative, positive vision that comes from your gut and
heart, not just your head.

If you lived “Yes, we can!” what would you do differently in your
life and at work? Each week, take one small step into that uncomfortable, unknown zone toward living your answer to this question.

A great resource for tips on creativity is Innovation on my mind. I
especially liked the TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson.

Collaboration & Partnerships: To make a greater impact and encourage more innovative solutions, think about how you can collaborate across boundaries and invite a diversity of perspectives into your partnerships.

If you can get the right people involved, new possibilities can emerge.

The Craigslist Foundation, and other partners, are offering a free workshop on the Power of Partnerships. I’ll be attending on 2/10/09. Come join me!

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