Virtual Presentations that 


  • Images & Infographics
  • Messaging
  • Presentation Coaching
  • PowerPoint
Infographics for Sustainability

Do you have a big presentation at a remote conference or meeting coming up? Our Looking Good Package creates original, compelling images and content for presentations that brings your current success stories and best practices alive.  We can create a Powerpoint with impactful images and coach you on best practices for making an impact ala ZOOM or other virtual platform.

Results We Deliver

  • Inspire your audience
  • Raise your profile as a green leader
  • Increase engagement
  • Stay relevant ala COVID
  • Have fun with presentations!

Our Process

  • REFINE TARGET AUDIENCE: Refine your target audience and what they care about right now.
  • MESSAGING REFRESH: Craft values-based messaging and talking points to guide communications for the key internal and external audiences. 
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Design an attention-getting PowerPoint with images and infographics that connect with your audience. 
  • VIRTUAL PRESENTATION COACHING: We coach you on looking good and sounding impactful. From lighting to what to wear to coaching on your presentation skills, we help you look good and sound amazing.