Virtual Presentations that 


  • Images & Infographics
  • Messaging
  • Presentation Coaching
  • PowerPoint
Infographics for Sustainability

We can coach you to look good and sound good for your next big presentation. Our Looking Good Package helps you understand your target audience, craft values-based messaging, create fun, engaging images, and refine your presentation to keep your audience engaged. Deborah has been active in Toastmasters for the past five years and excels at evaluating presentations to make them even more impactful.

Our Process

  • REFINE TARGET AUDIENCE: Refine your target audience and what they care about right now.
  • MESSAGING REFRESH: Craft values-based messaging and talking points to guide communications for the key internal and external audiences. 
  • INFOGRAPHICS: Design an attention-getting PowerPoint with images and infographics that connect with your audience. 
  • VIRTUAL PRESENTATION COACHING: We coach you on looking good and sounding impactful. From lighting to what to wear to coaching on your presentation skills, we help you look good and sound amazing.